赵斌 FREEZhao

School of Innovation Design, GAFA

Vice Chairman of Product Design Department

Director of Living Design TR Center

PhD Candidate

Graduated from Jiangnan University with, B.A. in Industrial Design, be recommended for admission to be a postgraduate M.A. in the cross-discipline study of Interaction Design and Service Design. One of the first red dot Design award winners from China, and won many design awards for innovation. Worked in multiple design agencies and research institutions for practical projects. Later I engaged myself in education, took charge of design courses in multiple universities, now serve as an instructor at GAFA(Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts), Created the “Irrational Design” course and many other original courses. I am also the core author of the BDDWATCH team. My research focuses mainly on BDD development ( Brands driven by Design) and the combined value of research and practice. Founded MicLance innovation. Now I am a doctoral candidate of communication, dig into the Motivation Mechaniesm of BDD organizationn.