The one who is Collecting Seashells on the Beach

By the ebb and flow of the seaside, waves crash upon the shore.

Each acquisition of knowledge is like waves rushing onto the sandy beach,

Moistening the land, shattering pebbles, altering the shape of the shore.

Knowledge is akin to the ocean, and we are but the beach.

As the tide rises, waves surge forth, and we may be submerged by the torrent of knowledge.

Yet, fortunately and unfortunately, humans always forget, just like

When the tide recedes, waves retreat, revealing scattered seashells on the beach.

However, the beach that has mingled with the tides is no longer the same,

For with every interaction, both parties undergo a transformation.

And the ceaseless explorers, like children playing by the seaside,

Full of curiosity, chase after the foamy waves,

While searching endlessly…

For those seashells on the beach.

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